+ What platform do you use?

All of my websites are built using the Squarespace platform. For me, this is the most user-friendly, customisable and flexible option. Squarespace is also a self-contained platform that doesn't require the installation of numerous widgets, plug-ins and security work-arounds which can often leave your website vulnerable and unstable.

+ Do you build websites on other platforms?

I currently do not build websites on other platforms. I can advise you on how to improve the structure and design of your existing website if you are not ready for a fresh website build.

+ Will my website look 'templated'?

Although all Squarespace sites are based on an initial template, the beauty of the platform means that no two sites need to look identical. I will custom code and bespoke design your site to reflect you and your branding. Your site will truly look your own.

+ I've never heard of Squarespace.

Squarespace has been offering websites since 2003 and is a well-established, well-funded company with millions of happy customers. They also offer a free 24/7 customer support line which means that in the unlikely event of an issue, you'll be able to speak to someone very quickly and easily about any concerns you have on site.

+ Can't I just build my own Squarespace website?

Anyone can sign up to Squarespace and build a website. However, I have 10+ years of Squarespace website design and an in-depth knowledge of how to build, design and customise a professional site using the platform. I can save you a lot of time and hassle!


+ How long will it take to build my website?

Website builds begin when your build slot starts. Build slots are typically 14 days {I may assign you a longer slot if you have a larger and more complex site} and at the end of this period your 'first look' website will be ready. From here, depending on any final tweaks to the design and outstanding content, we can usually get the site live in a further 7-10 days.

+ I need my website building in time for my product launch, can you work to strict deadlines?

I am very used to building to deadline – please help me to help you by providing all of your content well in advance and ensure you are available to feedback on any amends within 24-48 hours.

+ I need a website in 2 weeks! Can you help?

If you are looking to get a website live in just a couple of weeks please contact me to check my availability for an express build.

+ Can my new website be linked to my domain name?

Yes absolutely, please send me your domain name provider login details and I will ensure this address points to your new website when we are ready to launch.

+ I have lots of images to send you but I don't have time to resize them all as per the guidelines - can you help?

Yes, I offer an image resizing add-on - just ask and I'll take care of this for you.


+ I'd like my clients to be able to see my availability and book services online, is this possible?

Yes, depending on the type of services you offer there are a number of 3rd party tools that can be added into your website pages. I can provide a list of options for you to review and choose based on what suits your business size and how integrated you need the booking tool to be.

+ Can I have a custom booking form?

Yes, if you have a booking or contact form {or any form to be honest!} we can customise each field to match the information that you need to gather. We can also plug the submissions in to your mailing list and/or a spreadsheet on Google Drive.

+ What are custom fonts and graphics?

Squarespace offers a multitude of fonts that can either be matched to your branding or selected as a close match. If your brand font is not available within the inclusive Squarespace fonts, we can purchase the web font licence and plug this in to your site. Voila! Similarly, if you want to apply custom graphics such as icons and bullet points to your site, this is also possible.


Booking & Payment

+ How do I book?

If you're ready to book one of my website packages plus any add-ons, simply head over to my booking page. I'll then follow up with a call to run through your info and any additional queries, before finally confirming your build slot once you have returned a signed contract and your deposit.

+ What is a build slot?

Your build slot is a fixed 14 day window for me to build your website. Build slots are only confirmed once your deposit has been received. See the 'website builds' section for more details on build slot timings.

+ Are your packages customisable?

Yes! All of my packages are customisable so that you can create the perfect shape of website that's right for your business. If there's anything you want to add to your package, simply let me know when booking and I will price up your build accordingly. If you're not sure which add-ons might be right for you, don't worry – we can discuss all the finer details once I've received your booking request.

+ Do you do payment plans /instalments?

All builds require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total build cost to confirm the project. The final 50% is due at least 1 week before the work is completed. I ask for payments via BACS and do not accept cheques. If you would prefer to pay via Credit Card please let me know – note that a 1.5% fee applies. See my Terms and Conditions for more details on my payment terms.

+ I'm not going to be ready to send you all my content in time for my build slot. Can I move it?

Where possible I will try and work to your timings with a flexible approach, however as I tend to get booked up a few month's in advance, I do have to prioritise other builds already in my schedule. I generally advise against moving your build slot unless absolutely necessary to avoid delays to your launch.

+ I want to cancel my project, do you do refunds?

The project fee to confirm your booking is non-refundable. If you would like to cease the build half way through, you will still be eligible to pay the full build cost. See my Terms and Conditions for full details.


+ I've booked a website + branding package, which comes first?

In almost all cases I recommend working on establishing your new brand identity before we begin your site build. When booking please ensure you provide any hard deadlines so that we can stagger the work backwards from when you need to launch.

+ How long will my branding take to complete?

Your project schedule will be confirmed at the time of booking, however typically a branding piece will take around 4 weeks from concepts through to completion. If you need something more quickly, please let me know.

+ What's included in the logo design add-on?

Logo design add-ons include 3 main logo design options plus a final main logo design supplied in PNG, JPEG & EPS formats.

+ What's included in the brand identity add-on?

Brand identity packages include concepts for 3 main logo and submark options, final main logo and submark design, fonts, patterns/textures and final style guide/brand board. All final logos will be supplied in PNG, JPEG & EPS formats.

+ Do you design business cards, business stationery, signage and promotional items?

Yes! If you require a quote for print design please let me know at the time of booking and I will include this in your quote.

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